Annabella - The future of breast pumps


Annabella is the first pump in the world that has a tongue that simulates the baby's suckling movements, pumps almost twice as much milk than the competitors' pumps and allows for a pleasant and pain free pumping experience.

Annabella has raised more than a million dollars from the “Shark Tank” investors - Yasmin Lukatz and Oren Dobronsky. Annabella has submitted 11 inventions and caters to a market of more than 4 billion dollars, that grows by 7% every year.

The company is planning on selling its products throughout the world and is expected to start selling in Israel around the end of this year, as well as start sales at the “Shilav” chain stores.


Currently, the most sold breast pumps in the world are based on a patent that has been copied from a cow milking machine patent. The basic principle on which the pumping process hinges hasn't changed in the last 150 years.

The World Health Organization recommends that mothers breastfeed till their babies turn two, since mother's milk had a significant impact on the baby's health and development. In turn, this recommendation has spiked the number of breastfeeding mothers, and expanded the breast pump market by 7% per annum.

By 2026, the breast pump and complementary product market is expected to reach 6 billion dollars per annum, while 50% of the market is located in North America.

Despite the surge in breast pump consumption, to date, no significant adjustment had been made to improve the comfort of mothers who pump. On a survey conducted by MIT, 77% of women have described their pumping experience very negatively, using words such as hatred, pain, discomfort, frustration, tears and more.

Women have said the breast pumps cause pain, are inefficient, the pumping duration is too long, some are too noisy, and some can't extract milk at all. Using a pump that cannot extract milk in an effective way, reduces the amount of milk that the body produces. That is why many women who decide to go back to work, have reported a drastic decrease in their body's milk production.

Annabella is the first company that has developed a suckling pump. The only pump that combines a tongue-like mechanism that encourages the production of hormones necessary for producing and expressing milk in a natural way. As a result, Annabella pumps on average almost double the milk than the leading competitors' pumps. 


Why should you invest in Annabella?

  • A solution first of its kind in the world that can simulate the baby's suction movement, thanks to a tongue-like mechanism.
  • Unprecedented pumping results - double the milk without the pain.
  • Product launch is planned for the end of 2022.
  • The company has submitted a wide array of patent requests (all in different stages), thus protecting the pump and its complementary future products from being copied.
  • A strong team, with a rich experience in management, marketing, and product development.
  • A strategic manufacturing agreement with a leading manufacturer.
  • Strong investors, who offer ongoing support to the company, including Oren Dobronsky, Yasmin Lukatz ("the Sharks") and Zohar Gilon.

Annabella's Solution

When a baby is breastfed, it performs two actions:

  1. Activating vacuum pulses on the nipple.
  2. Performing the “wave-like” tongue movement that squeezes the nipple.

All the existing pumps apply only the vacuum method - there is no pump in the world that can simulate the baby's suction with the tongue movement.

Take a look at how other pumps work, in comparison to Annabella:


Annabella's goal is to help women boost the production of two vital hormones: Prolactin and Oxytocin, which are in charge of the milk production and expression reflex. That is how we create a more pleasant and relaxing user experience, and in addition, help women pump more milk in less time.


For some women, this could mean the difference between having or lacking milk, and for others, this could mean the difference between providing their baby with a full or half a meal. For breastfeeding women - mother's milk is like white gold.

Annabella's Pumping Results Compared to a Leading Competitor


Here are some of the things that women have said after trying Annabella:

“It felt natural like breastfeeding.” (A.L.K)

“I've already tried 4 different pumps, and Annabella was the most pleasant.” (N.I)

“I'm absolutely happy! The amount of milk I've expressed has doubled. Also, the milk comes out quicker, though it usually takes more than 5 minutes of stimulation.” (N.I.H).


Annabella has an extensive patent file.

In 2017, Annabella has submitted its first patent application for the tongue mechanism. Later, the application was also filed throughout the world: USA, Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, and Israel.

After an intensive development of the new product, an international patent application has been filed to protect the unique mechanism of the existing product, as well as the complementary products the company plans to develop.

The new application consists of more than 10 new inventions, each of which could be a patent of its own!

At the recommendation of one of the company's investors (a patent expert), the application was filed by the patent law firm Reinhold Cohn & Partners, which is one of the biggest and most leading law firms in Israel.

Market and Competition


There are currently three companies that control the market: Madela, the leading brand in the market; Philips Avent (Avent was sold to Philips for 460 million euros); and Spectra, an American company that mostly sells through insurance companies. There are other smaller companies such as Ameda, Ardo, Lansinoh, and Chinese companies that offer cheaper products. In addition, in recent years, there's a trend of niche wearable pumps such as Elvie and Willow, which have been gaining momentum in certain countries (such as Britain).



The size of the market (along with the complementary items) is about 4 billion dollars, 52% of which is in North America, and 23% in Europe. The market's growth is 7% per year. At the current growth rate, the market is expected to reach 6 billion dollars in 2026, despite the large number existing breast pumps on the market.

Brand loyalty is low in this market, about 70% of women rely on recommendations when they decide to choose a pump. So, mothers will often buy a high-quality product, even if the brand is unfamiliar.




Our team
More than 20 years of experience as CEO and senior executive positions as companies such as Check Point and Amdocs. Has a rich experience in rehabilitating businesses and selling them for profit.
During the years 1998 - 2006, Yaffe was the VP Sales at e-sim. During those years, he doubled the company's sales, and in 2004 he was promoted to CEO, and within two years, has increased the company's sales by 340%, while reducing costs by 50%. Later, he initiated and executed the company's acquisition by Sky Mobile Media, where he served as the VP Sales for two years.
Was head of cyber infrastructure sales at Check Point's, where he led sales to large organizations in the States, Korea, Singapore and Australia. Has promoted a security solution based on Cloud technology, working with governments, security, governmental, financial, and other large official entities, such as Total Energy, Lockheed Martin, and others.
During the years 2014 - 2017 served as CEO of the Netherland-based Scan-Modul BV company. Managed 75 employees and a group of 7 European subsidiaries. Led a restructuring process, and during the first year increased the revenue by 15%, improved the production processes, and by doing so, reduced the company's expenses, while increasing its income. The company was later sold to Newport Capital.
Originator of the idea of the breast pump with a tongue. Studied law at Tel Aviv University, and at the same time worked as a private tutor and founded an academic education center, that ran for 8 years, and at its peak, catered to 90 students and employed 15 staff members.
For the past five years, has been researching breastfeeding in all different aspects (market, existing products, anatomy, biomechanics, sociology, etc.) In charge of the product's features, establishing parameters for optimal simulation of the tongue's movement and the baby's suction, surveying the market, and building an excellent breast pump user experience.
Founded Annabella with his wife, Masha Waldberg, and engineer Ron Adelman, and served at the company CEO during the first six months.
Active in the marketing world for 16 years, 3 and a half of which, he was the most popular blogger in Israel, and built some of the most viral campaigns in the history of marketing in Israel.
Has consulted and assisted more than 100 companies in Israel and abroad, in building a marketing strategy, optimizing sales and more. Some of the companies he has worked with include Gillette, Natural Solutions, Pnina Rosenblum, dozens of startups, Bank Hapoalim, Amazon stores and more.
Ran campaigns for the current Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Municipality candidates, and was one of the architects of the Zehut Party campaign and many others. Has built marketing funnels that have generated millions of dollars annually, and has optimized closing rates by hundreds of percent, for at a great number of companies.
Has written two best selling books in the field of couple relationships.
14 years of experience in lifestyle marketing and sales. Has an MBA, completed with honors.
Extensive experience in managing a team and responsible for business results.
A rich experience in working with global brands at The Estée Lauder, Israel.
Has a vast knowledge in e-commerce, marketing strategy, brand management, marketing communication, channel marketing, digital and E-com strategy for global and local brands.
Has proven experience in supporting sales centers, and improving performance, business development and brand building.
In her last position, has led the founding and characterization of two e-commerce websites, as well as a 3-digit growth, throughout three years, in income and the profitability of the E-com websites. Built customer journeys, retention, and recruitment of new clients, as well as creating an exclusive customer club. Has experience in marketing on Amazon US.
Lecturer at Digitalent - school for digital professions - a digital course for executives.
26 years of experience in leading Israeli high-tech companies.
Vast management experience in leading teams in Israel and throughout the world, transforming ideas and models into products that have been approved by the FDA and global authorities. Has a thorough knowledge in all necessary regulatory aspects for medical product approval, preparation and passed the FDA and ISO examination during product launch.
Started his career as a developmental engineer at ISCAR Metalworking owned by Stef Wertheimer, and from there, has continued to work at the HP Indigo print company as a product manager in the engineering field, NPO and activity at the company locations in the US.
Made his way into the medical field in 2008 at the IGE Healthcare company, that developed respiratory devices in Israel. Served as head of development of the mechanical, electronical, and engineering departments. During his time there, the company has launched a respiratory device after a successful FDA application, a first home device of its kind. Was appointed CEO at the Israel location and performed in global positions at the company.
A senior product manager at Medrtonic, in the field of respiratory monitoring, led the global development at the company locations throughout the world.
Was West Pharma Director of R&D Engineering and managed several teams at the company's Israel location. Took part in the first FDA-approved infusion pump launched in Israel, treating patients at home. Member of the WEST company directorate in Israel.
One of the founders of ARAN Research and Development Ltd, one of the leading product development companies in Israel.
At ARAN, Adi was in charge of developing countless products, from the early stages of idea, through building and constructing the prototype and all the way to the final product. Adi consults and guides entrepreneurs and leading companies in planning and developing new products. He's also an investor in some of those projects. Furthermore, he's a founder and partner in different restaurant and real estate projects.
Adi is a graduate of the Industrial Design department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and an artist.
Partner and owner at the Kendu Solutions LTD company, technological and business guidance in aspect of development and shifting to producing physical products.
Ossi is one of the founders of the Newton company, that has developed a a novel volumetric flow engine. As a co-manager and partner, she was part of the company's business development, including building the business plan and recruiting investors. Throughout the years, Ossi has served as a director at different public companies, most of which are in the technological, security and investment fields, such as: Aran, ETView ,PriorTech, Elron, PCB, ,ICB ,XTL Bio.
Furthermore, she performed as director at Leumi Start LTD., the venture capital branch of Leumi Bank. Currently serves as director of several companies.
A partner at Kendu Solutions LTD, providing technological and business guidance in development and beyond producing physical products. Ossi has graduated from Executive program at the business management school at Tel Aviv University.
Completed a BBM and a LLM degree. Served as a project coordinator at The Association of Rape Crisis Center in Tel Aviv, and during the last four years has worked as a lactation consultant, parent consultant and has guided thousands of families.
Has a multidisciplinary degree in law, accountancy, and business management, with more than 10 years in the field. During the last two years, has been working as a freelance lactation consultant, workshop instructor, and preparation and lactation supporter.
An early childcare teacher, and infant development instructor with 12 years of experience. Physical activity instructor to mothers throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Has 14 years of experience as a doula (also worked as a postpartum doula for 7 years) and a lactation consultant.
More than 7 years in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.
A bio-medical engineer, specializing in mechanics and biological systems fluence.
In her former positions, has led verifications processes, and medical and pharmaceutical product development processes at the development entities at the WEST PHARM company. Also took part in the product application process for the FDA and CE, and led the DHF building process for products, wrote the requires files, risk management forms, and took part in the failure analysis and product optimization.
Currently, Naama is the product manager at the R&D team, is in charge of building all the development processes, and creating the product DHF, in addition, running all the development timelines, resources, working with labs in Israel and abroad, writing the product requirements documents, risk management and guiding the development of team via training sessions.
Naama partakes in the founding of the company quality assurance system, and writing internal quality regulations, as well as planning the company's verification lab.
4 years of experience in moving from development to production, integration, mechanism designer, experience in injection-molded plastics design.
Experienced with soft polymers such as silicones, polyurethan, injected in a combination of injections. Planning parts for multi-disciplinary systems that combine software, hardware, and electro-mechanical mechanisms. Experience in establishing development labs for product experiments, setting test protocols and production verifications reports necessary for product development approval. A rich experience in working with subcontractors that include model manufacturing, 3D printing lab, and lab technician management.
6 years of experience in mechanical planning and system engineering in fields of water transfer, consumer goods, product development for the security industry, and about 3 years of experience in medical equipment.
An in-depth experience in injection-molded plastics design. An in-depth knowledge of system engineering, final product authorizations, familiarization with the electronic software, feature characterization and experience in software development and coding.
Oded has experience with multi-disciplinary systems. Took an active part in development of medical equipment in the respiratory field, nebulizers, automatic systems for medication dosages and more
More than 15 years of experience in engineering processes and ran mass-production plans. Specializes in process management and structure development. Has worked at SAE, OSM, Fitbit, and has consulted as part of the Knoxi company, that has consulted Nokia, HP, Intel, Blackberry, and many others.
Oren is a “shark” from the “Shark Tank” TV show, through which he invested in Annabella for the first time. Oren founded the Hotbar company that has developed the first online toolbar. The company as sold for hundreds of millions of shekels, and since then, Oren continued to found companies and invest in startups, some of which are estimated at billions of dollars. He started the first Hummus shop in Palo Alto, that had soon become a successful franchise, and a hub for the American high-tech giants.
Yasmin is a “shark” at the “Shark Tank” TV show. Yasmin has a BA in law and in Accounting & Economics. Has listed a number of successful investments in startups that have reached a net worth of billions of dollars, and founded Icon - Israel Collaboration Network, that brings together the leading high-tech executives from the Silicone Valley and the States. Icon is a non-profit endeavor that provides Israeli entrepreneurs with the tools and instruction about the American market.
Has 12 years of experience in machine engineering in different research and development fields.
Has led the company's engineering during its early years.
Has developed the first Annabella with the mechanism that simulates the baby's tongue.
Specializes in developing mechanic products and developing creative solutions for physical products.